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Magic Tableware
Magic Tableware is a studio exploration that is close to our hearts — it combines everyday interactions with magic to create a moment of delight.

As a studio we combine a strongly user-centred design process with the thought process of magicians, aiming to deliver experiences that are accessible and functional, yet also captivating and filled with wonder. While our work often involves the latest technologies to create enchanting design experiences, this time we specifically chose to focus on the charm of everyday ceramics to achieve a similar level of delight.

As part of our studio culture, we have lunch together as a team, and at home, we value making time for family dinner — it’s quality time around food that brings everyone together, away from screens and distractions. This led us to invent something new to elevate the dining experience and bring innovation to face to face interactions, celebrating togetherness by introducing a touch of magic to shared moments at home, in restaurants or hotels around the world. This led us to invent something new to elevate the dining experience, celebrating togetherness by introducing a touch of magic.

The Magic Tableware set is made up of three unassuming objects, a butter dish, a carafe and a biscuit tray. Each item holds a magical essence, discreetly concealed and awaiting the moment to astonish unsuspecting guests. The objects were designed for all occasions to empower any amateur or skilled magician to learn the concealed trick and enchant their guests.
"Magic Tableware has been more a labor of love for the past few years, tied to Special Project’s raison d’etre of rethinking the core UX of products and experiences that we might otherwise take for granted."
Mark Wilson, FastCo Design
Magic Butter Dish
Initially the butter dish is empty, then magically the butter appears -- the traditional butter dish has been reinvented to create a moment of delight to start off the meal. Magicians never reveal their secrets - can you guess how it works?

The pieces are cast in coloured ceramic earthenware. With a minimalist modern design they bring contemporary craftsmanship to any table. They conceal the unexpected magical reveal behind traditional casted materials. The butter dish has a discreet modern finish, treated with a food safe glaze. The exterior of the bell is left untreated for a beautiful matt ‘biscuit’ finish.
Magic Biscuit Stand
With just a bit of practice, the magic biscuit stand lets your treats appear and disappear

The tableware set is crafted with the intention of making it endlessly enchanting. The concealed trick can be performed over and over again, avoiding objects that become obsolete after a single use.

The Magic Biscuit Stand matches the butter dish in ratio and dimensions to create a consistent design language on the table.
Magic Carafe
The carafe is the last of the three objects to complement the Magic Tableware set. It allows you to magically pour different drinks from the same carafe, for example water into one glass, and wine into the next.

Its design is inspired by one of Italy’s greatest postmodernists Aldo Rossi’s La Concina, and conceals the magic mechanism inside seamlessly. With a bit of practice, any host can enchant their guests at the first sip.
Magical Instructions
Each object comes with a little guide that reveals the magic hidden within the clay.

Designed in a simple yet playful style, the leaflets illustrate a quick history of magic and clearly communicate step by step instructions to beginner and expert magicians.
Design Process - Prototyping

To bring the magic tableware set to life we consulted magicians and carefully crafted multiple prototypes in cardboard, ceramic, and 3D prints. The methods are over a century old, often used to make doves appear in Victorian stage shows.

The trick had to be simple to learn, elegant to perform and completely concealed - so we crafted, practised and refined the set until the objects perfectly balanced form, function and magic.

With many more ideas up our sleeves and exciting plans ahead we hope these objects bring delight to any table to celebrate the magic of coming together.