Client intuition, immersive research, coherent design, invisible technology, and principles of magic are the strands of our innovation process.

It is this precise alchemy that enables us to create a clear and pure design experience which looks and feels effortless, but is completely underpinned by precision, skill and craft.

We draw from myriad disciplines: electronics, interaction, industrial design, visual communication, art and magic thinking to create timeless and purposeful products and environment that have the power to elicit surprise and delight in the people we design for.
Establish a brief and formulate a research plan to propel your team into a new innovative direction.

Ideal for organisations who yearn to innovate but aren’t sure where to begin. This focussed session will bring your team together to interrogate your problems with optimism and craft a detailed plan explaining which experts and users to contact, places to visit and brands to analyse to find the spark and certainty that you miss.

Rapidly explore an opportunity space and inspire your team with relevant and empathic learnings grounded in customer and expert insights.

A low risk, agile exploration to discover what’s possible, ideal for when you have identified an obstacle or are looking to expand the potential of an existing product or service.

Transform insights into innovative concepts for products and services and communicate them with clarity to stakeholders.

A highly innovative journey delivering a series of inspiring ideas and a solid strategy backed up by a deep understanding of your users.

Create a detailed vision of an inspiring physical or digital product ready to astonish the world.

A detailed process to craft and evolve concepts fusing visual, product, experience and service design.

Ideal for when you need to communicate a completely new and magical product vision as if it were real.

Selected Clients
IxDA Interaction Award
Paper Phone, Best Concept
Fast Company Innovation by Design Award
Moving Buttons, Experimental Category Finalist
Fast Company Innovation by Design Award
Envelope, Honourable Mention, Experimental Category
Dezeen Awards
Emerging Design Studio Longlist
London Design Award
Envelope, Product Concept, Silver
IxDA Interaction Award
Magic UX, Best Concept
Webby Award
Magic UX, Official Nominee
Innovation by Design Award, Fast Company
Magic UX, Honourable Mention, Experimental Category
London Design Award
Magic UX, Gold Award
NOW Award
Magic UX, Concept Digital Category
Red Dot Product Design Award
CES Innovation Awards Honoree
Helen Hamlyn Alumni Award: Winner
Award for Services to Inclusive Design
Red Dot Product Design Award
QardioCore, Nominee: Category Product Design
Design of the Year Award, Design Museum
QardioArm, Nominee: Category Product Design
Design of the Year Award, Design Museum
Bit Planner, Nominee: Category Design
CES Innovation Award
QardioCore, Honourable Mention: Category Wearable Technology and Fitness, Sport & Biotech
Red Dot Product Design Award
QardioArm, Category Product Design
UX Award
QardioArm, Honourable Mention
IxDA Interaction Award
BitPlanner, Shortlisted
IxDA Interaction Award
Out Of The Box, Best Concept: Category Empowering
Industrial Design Fellowship
Awarded to Adrian Westaway, Royal Commission of The Exhibition of 1851
IDEA Award
Out Of The Box, Bronze Winner: Category Packaging and Graphic
Michael Peters Award for Multi-disciplinary Collaboration
Platform, Awarded to Clara Gaggero
James Dyson Innovation Fellowship
Awarded to Adrian Westaway, James Dyson Foundation
Help The Aged Award for Independent Living
Awarded to Clara Gaggero Westaway, Helen Hamlyn Centre, Royal College of Art
Helen Hamlyn Award for Creativity: Winner
Awarded to Clara Gaggero Westaway, Helen Hamlyn Centre, Royal College of Art
Award for Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Winner
Dotzero, Category Design for Our Future Selves, Royal College of Art