Special Projects is an award-winning design and innovation agency based in London.
We help brave companies to discover new opportunities by revealing user needs and transforming them into tomorrow’s most loved customer experiences and products.
Eco Lenses Special Projects & Bristol UniversityEco Lenses Special Projects & Bristol UniversitySlowMo King’s College, NHS Foundation TrustSlowMo King’s College, NHS Foundation Trust
Special Projects & Bristol University
Visualising sustainability: a design approach for better food choices
King’s College, NHS Foundation Trust
Designing an evidence-based therapy app for patients with psychosis
Moving Buttons Special ProjectsMoving Buttons Special ProjectsThe Art of Listening Faith In NatureThe Art of Listening Faith In Nature
Special Projects
A hygienic interface which moves buttons to untouched parts of the screen
Faith In Nature
Designing innovative strategies and products with a focus on sustainability
On-Demand Broadcasting Secret ClientOn-Demand Broadcasting Secret ClientGoogle AI ConfidentialGoogle AI Confidential
Secret Client
Redefine media consumption for a healthier, more human-centric tomorrow
Creating near future AI User Experiences
Envelope Special ProjectsEnvelope Special ProjectsOut of the Box SamsungOut of the Box Samsung
Special Projects
Finding a balance with technology
Humanising tech for elderly mobile users
Magic UX Special ProjectsMagic UX Special ProjectsPaper Phone Special ProjectsPaper Phone Special Projects
Special Projects
Seamlessly switch and move content between apps
Special Projects
Finding a balance with technology
Bit Planner Special ProjectsBit Planner Special ProjectsAura AuraAura Aura
Special Projects
Merging physical and digital design for better time-planning
Designing a considerate App for a femtech startup
Buffalo Grid Buffalo GridBuffalo Grid Buffalo GridHoxton Street Monster Supply Store Hoxton Street Monster Supply StoreHoxton Street Monster Supply Store Hoxton Street Monster Supply Store
Buffalo Grid
Uncovering innovation opportunities through rapid ethnographic research in India
Hoxton Street Monster Supply Store
Design of two products that empathise with Monsters living in London
Mawo Collective MawoMawo Collective MawoCovid-19 App Ideas Special ProjectsCovid-19 App Ideas Special Projects
Strategy for a new disruptive fashion brand
Special Projects
Ideas for a more human contact tracing app
uunn Onaria Technologiesuunn Onaria TechnologiesInnovation Centre Royal College of ArtInnovation Centre Royal College of Art
Onaria Technologies
World's first health tracker for your teeth
Royal College of Art
Increasing creativity and collaboration for innovative startups
QardioBase QardioQardioBase QardioUK Passport Special ProjectsUK Passport Special Projects
Charming and empathetic IoT body scale
Special Projects
A friendly and optimistic travel document that helps Brits to make friends abroad
QardioArm QardioQardioArm QardioLarge-Scale Theme-Park Global Entertainment CompanyLarge-Scale Theme-Park Global Entertainment Company
Reinventing the blood pressure monitor through human-centered design
Global Entertainment Company
Design experience underpinned by technology, inspired by the natural world
Secret Styling Secret Global ClientSecret Styling Secret Global ClientMagical Interactions Secret ClientMagical Interactions Secret Client
Secret Global Client
An unboxing experience to inform and delight
Secret Client
Altering consumer perception about a popular product with IoT
Rebranding for Becchis Osiride Becchis OsirideRebranding for Becchis Osiride Becchis OsirideMedia-based user experience BBCMedia-based user experience BBC
Becchis Osiride
Welding together legacy and innovation through participatory design methods
Future-proof digital interface for bbc.com
Curriculum for Degree Apprenticeship in IoT University of GloucestershireCurriculum for Degree Apprenticeship in IoT University of GloucestershireChill Secret ClientChill Secret Client
University of Gloucestershire
A holistic approach to designing connected devices and systems
Secret Client
An on demand healthcare service with results through an app.
The Future of Perfume Secret Global ClientThe Future of Perfume Secret Global ClientNEW OLD Exchange Design MuseumNEW OLD Exchange Design Museum
Secret Global Client
Researching, designing and prototyping the future of perfume
Design Museum
Challenging stereotypes and stigma around ageing
Missing Pages Special ProjectsMissing Pages Special ProjectsPush Snowboarding Nokia & BurtonPush Snowboarding Nokia & Burton
Special Projects
Playful manuals that continue the user experience in unexpected ways
Nokia & Burton
Sports performance wearables that make the invisible visible
Map SamsungMap SamsungOnline Shopping Experience E-commerce PlatformOnline Shopping Experience E-commerce Platform
Mapping digital content in a physical way
E-commerce Platform
Bringing tangibility to the online shopping experience
NFC Cards SamsungNFC Cards SamsungSkinDisplay BlackBerrySkinDisplay BlackBerry
Merging tech and play for an empowering experience
Employing calm technology to manage digital interruptions
Magic Card Special ProjectsMagic Card Special ProjectsQardioArm Packaging QardioQardioArm Packaging Qardio
Special Projects
Empowering people to become magicians
Blending form and function to communicate vision
QardioBase UX & UI QardioQardioBase UX & UI QardioIoT Mobile Accessories Secret ClientIoT Mobile Accessories Secret Client
Changing product perception with UX
Secret Client
Using design to make the digital tangible
Empathetic Design Solutions Secret Medical CompanyEmpathetic Design Solutions Secret Medical CompanyQardioCore QardioQardioCore Qardio
Secret Medical Company
Addressing consequences of a chronic condition with empathetic design
Anthropomorphic product design in health tech