Secret Global Client
Researching, designing and prototyping an unboxing experience to inform and delight
UX, Physical and Digital Interactions, Magic, Invisible Technology, Scent, Senses, Multisensory, User Experience Design
Secret Styling
We worked closely with a global consumer electronics company on an unboxing experience for their new product due for launch in the UK in 2018. As an established brand with an existing product range, early prototype testing showed that users were attempting to use the new product in the same way as existing products - and were therefore not getting the most out of their experience. Our brief was to create an unboxing experience that delighted the user whilst they got to grips with their new tool. Within the first 24 hours of the project we had five people test the product and over 30 ideas to completely transform the user's first encounter.

Our project aims were to break down any barriers to learning and usage, create a feeling of quality and playfulness and inject a little magic along the way. Drawing on our experience and expertise in researching, designing and testing out of the box experiences and packaging in the field of consumer products, we created an experience which is extraordinary, delightful and effective. We looked at the existing patterns of usage for this type of product, focused on clear and simple instructions on how to use the new product, explored instructions and opening flow, and created mechanisms to build user confidence and lead to successful first time use for the consumer.

We’re continually amazed at the power of designing elements like packaging and instructions from the ground up, thinking of them as products in their own right and designing them holistically with the product they enclose. We hope to tell you more when the product hits the shops!