Secret Client
An on demand healthcare service providing results through an app.
Health, Healthcare, Inclusive Design, Design Research
We worked with a secret client who had identified a fantastic opportunity for a start-up: to create a service which enabled people to conduct a series of health checks using a kit posted out to them, with results returned to their app within just a few days. With an ageing population, and the general public becoming more aware of long term health issues which are easily managed with a healthy lifestyle, more and more people want access to on demand healthcare services. And services which can alert one to an underlying health condition early on, thus negating medication or invasive procedures later in life, are very much in demand.

We researched, invented and designed a service which enables people to place an order online, receive a special kit in the post, and test themselves for a range of conditions in the comfort of their own home without the stigma or practical awkwardness of attending medical appointments. The service empowered people with access to on demand healthcare services and provided them with relevant and timely information about their own bodies through the handy app which tracked all of their test results and samples.

Our approach was characterised by our quest to design functional objects which are delightful to use, balancing technical know-how with emotional intelligence. We took an existing awkward and time consuming experience and designed a service which removed stigma and clumsiness to create an experience which was cost effective, practical and even delightful.