Creating near future AI experiences
3 Months
AI User Experience, Physical and Digital, User research, Strategic insights, Experience prototyping
Google AI
We worked with Google to explore and design near future user experiences enabled by advanced AI technologies.

We ran an in-depth exploration with experts in the field, researched in specific environments and defined a strategic framework for Google to apply to future concepts. We then designed and prototyped physical and digital experiences infusing magic and delight across a very wide range of touchpoints.

This project is highly confidential so we can’t share specifics, but here’s an idea of our process:

Our research involved a wide range of disparate sources, interviewing experts, visiting places and analysing parallel experiences in other fields. As the technology doesn’t quite exist yet the challenge was to infer and anticipate user needs.

Strategy and Insights
We distilled our research into a strategic framework as a tool to design future experiences, ensuring user needs will be met and delight created throughout all digital and physical interactions.
“Working with Special Projects was a joy. They constantly surprised and delighted us with beautiful prototypes, insightful research and challenging ideas. The sheer amount of work they did to understand the space we were trying to explore was incredible. Along the way they took risks and navigated ambiguity with a panache all-too-rare amongst larger design firms.”
Matt Jones, Principal Designer at Google Ai
Design and Experience Prototyping
We designed and prototyped a series of concepts to a high level of detail. They helped bring the strategy to life, and gave the teams at Google an idea of what these experiences might feel like for the user.

This project was led by Matt Jones and Rob Marchant, and a highlight was the close collaboration with the team at Google. Our work intersected with many different teams who we were able to share our findings and collaborate with throughout the process.